Like you, we’re human and we make mistakes from time to time…We try very hard not to. But it does happen occasionally!

…Sometimes we publish a piece that includes factual inaccuracies, or in rare cases, a piece that does more harm than good. When that happens, we will do the following:

  1. Edit the existing content (images, videos, text, etc.) adding updated information, and make note that it’s being corrected.
  2. Add that error to this page (below) so everyone can see how much we blew it and what we’re doing to fix it.
  3. If the post’s entire premise was wrong, we will post the corrected/updated piece on our social media accounts, making it clear that it is a correction so we make certain it can receive the same amount of attention as the original, inaccurate content.
  4. And, of course, make the utmost attempt to get everything absolutely right so we never have to update the post again.

Our Fact-Checking Policy

We know facts are important. But, in this modern Internet age, they often get skewed, exaggerated, or lost…we all know how social media and the web are bombarded with unchecked facts, totally made up memes, comments taken out of context, and completely bogus stories.

With a goal of doing the best job we can do spreading Amazing stuff, we want to make sure facts get the attention they deserve…so you can ultimately trust everything we post to the site is totally true.

That’s why, before posting a piece to the site, we check the facts against trustworthy media, government agencies and reports, experts in their fields, and organizations of authority.

With that said, we’re curators, not journalists – we aren’t investigative reporters, digging into stories to report late breaking news. But we do believe in ethics and take seriously the trust you place in us. Great curators (as we aspire to be!) share amazing, credible, trustworthy, content.

So, if you see it on “Destination: Amazing!”, you know you can share it with the confidence that it’s the real deal!

Also, by the nature of social media, sometimes outdated posts (factual at the time posted but no longer true) randomly start getting a lot of attention again. It doesn’t always happen, but if it does, we make sure to update the content as needed.

Spotted An Error On Our Site?

If you’ve spotted an factual error or inaccuracy on a post on our site, please do us the favor of letting us know about it via a message on our Contact Page, and we’ll do some fact-checking and get it updated accordingly.

Here’s Our List Of Mess-ups:

Hey, whatta ya know, nothin’ yet! We’re off to a great start and crossing our fingers it stays this way for a while!