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Check Out This Professionally Built High-Spec Tiny House

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While many people enter into tiny-house living with a goal of downsizing both square footage and their budget, some will spare no expense to live small but still with very high standards. And that appears to be the case with this new tiny home, professionally built to high specifications for a client.

So, if you’re a part of the majority who are all about tiny-living on a tiny budget, choose to take away from this video & story inspiration for ways to improve your tiny home with your own efforts, instead of focusing on the higher costs that come with building a house to these standards.


Meet The Builder, Jeff Hobbs:

In the video above, Bryce from “Living Big in a Tiny House” interviews Jeff Hobbs, cabinet maker and previously a boat maker, who built this awesome off-the-grid tiny home for a client.

HIGH-SPEC-TINY-HOUSE-Jeff-Hobbsvia Living Big in a Tiny House


Built to live off-the-grid:

This tiny home has incorporated a lot of sustainable technology to be able to live completely off-the-grid, including a 600 watt solar system for power, and a wood-stove and solar collector heat the house’s water.

HIGH-SPEC-TINY-HOUSE-Solar-Systemvia Living Big in a Tiny House


Check out Living Big in a Tiny House for more pictures of the inside of this fantastic tiny home!