You Can’t Beat The Views From These Cruise Ships! …Not Your Standard Porthole View

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Sunrise Through Porthole

When you think of the suites & bedrooms in cruise ships, unless you’re willing to shell out the extra cash for upgraded rooms, you typically think of having a view like this one above, right?

Well, that’s far from the case with these amazing long ships by Viking River Cruises.

The river cruise niche of the travel industry has been growing rapidly over the last few years. Cruise Line International reported that over 61% of travelers booking through travel agents are booking river cruises. And Viking River Cruises, the fastest growing operator in the river cruise industry, has been growing at a 31% per year clip (compared to the 11% industry average).

So, why are more people going for the river cruise over the traditional ocean voyages?

Most likely because these cruises offer a casual yet refined, more intimate experience than the gargantuan ocean cruise ships. And, because of the ships’ smaller size, passengers are able to embark directly into the heart of many of the historic cities they pass through.

Describing the difference between the industry standard ocean cruises and what river cruises have to offer, Viking Cruises chairman, Torstein Hagen, told Business Insider, “Ocean cruising is a drinking man’s cruise and river cruising is a thinking man’s cruise.

Here you can see the typical view from one of their longships’ staterooms:

Imagine waking up each morning of your 8 to 15 day cruise to views right outside your window & balcony!

SHIP_Stateroom_Longship_VerandaSuite_Living-02_800x440_tcm21-10220via Viking River Cruises

On warm, sunny days, nothing beats enjoying the passing views from the upper Aquavit Terrace!

PICS_Longship-Aquavit02_956x690_tcm21-18580via Viking River Cruises

Explore the picturesque countrysides, historic cities, and breathtaking vistas of Europe

SHIP_MISC_Legend_OVR_478x345_tcm21-11008Viking Legend on the Danube River, via Viking River Cruises
PICS_Torgil-Exterior_956x690_tcm21-17316via Viking River Cruises

What Beautiful Destinations Can You Explore With Viking?

With cruises on rivers throughout Europe, Russia, Asia, and Egypt, you may have a difficult time choosing which cruise to begin with!

Viking Freya Docked In Budapest, Hungary:

Cruising One Of Europe’s Tranquil Rivers:

Curious How They Design & Build These Magnificent Ships?

Watch this video to see the entire process from designing, to fabricating, building, testing, and finally to putting into use these beautiful long ships:

If you love traveling and exploring in an intimate, casual fashion, a river cruise may be for you! Check out Viking River Cruises for more details.