Unbelievable Health Benefits Prove Coloring Isn’t Just For Kids

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You may think coloring is just for kids, right? As we grow up, most of us tend to put aside our crayons, colored pencils, and imaginations for all the other more serious things that come along with adulthood.

Well, that’s not the case anymore!

Coloring books for adults have become one of the latest trends. However, it turns out, it may not be all hype & fad, with coloring being found to have real health benefits for adults.

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In the simplest terms, it’s great for reducing stress. But the benefits appear to go much further than just that. A piece at Art The System, “7 Unexpected Things Happen When Adults Start Coloring”, recently shared these unbelievable health benefits of coloring:

#1. Improves your concentration

Our lives are incredibly busy today, resulting in our focus being split between home, work, electronics, social media & entertainment, children, etc. But, when you sit down and focus on one thing, such as coloring, it improves your ability to focus.

Coloring Improves Focus


#2. You release your inner creativity

We all had incredible imaginations as children, but somewhere along the way, most of us stash it away in the closets of our mind. Coloring – inside OR outside the lines – will release your imagination from captivity once again, increasing your creativity. In turn, that will help you solve problems in life more easily, with better and quicker solutions.

#3. To your brain, it’s much like meditation

Quite simply, the brain reacts the same to coloring as it does to meditation. It has a calming, centering, therapeutic effect on the mind.

Coloring is like meditation to the brain


#4. It’s good for just “chilling” any time, anywhere

Whether you’re bored on a flight, feeling stressed at work, or with nothing to do at home: COLOR. It’s something easy to do to pass the time – instead of just staring at your phone – anywhere you are.

Chill anywhere anytime with coloring


#5. It improves motor skills

While you’re using the creative side of your brain during coloring, you’re also working the other side with concentration on staying inside the lines, and this helps improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

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#6. Helps you release negative thoughts

Like with meditation, coloring helps you focus on what you’re presently doing, simultaneously letting go of tension and negative thinking.

Paint Coloring Book and woman hand

#7. Decreases anxiety and stress

At its core, the act of coloring is an amazing way to relieve anxiety and stress. It even helps tremendously with individuals who suffer from PTSD. A simple 30 minutes of coloring will leave you with instantly lower levels of stress.

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A News Report On The Benefits Of Coloring For Adults:

Don’t Worry About Being An Artist Or Not…

As Heidi Johnson was quoted in the Fox News piece with the video above,

“You don’t have to be an expert at the DIY project, or a painter or an artist,” she said. “You can just pick something you like that speaks to you and color it however you want it.”

Above all else, coloring lets stressed out adults feel like kids again – at least for a little while!

So, if you like coloring, you have even more reasons to do it now!

Some Coloring Goals For You

  • Make time to color at least a few minutes every day, creating a healthy habit of daily stress relief.
  • Don’t be so serious! …Don’t worry too much about staying inside the lines or completely finishing a picture. Let loose, be creative, and do whatever feels right.
  • Have Fun!
  • Practice various techniques as you go along.
  • Crayons or basic colored pencils are just fine, but perhaps try watercolor pencils/markers which will allow you to have fun blending colors.

If you’d like to look into more information on the topic, here are some great resources: