This Young American Couple Escaped The Rat Race, Sold Everything, And Bought One-Way Tickets To Thailand

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Today, you hear many people complain about the “rat race”, their 9 to 5 jobs that seem to be taking them nowhere in life, and the ever-increasing costs of keeping up with our consumeristic society.

But, how many times do you actually see people do something about it?

Not often, right?

Well, meet Chris & Angela:

Nest-1-Breakfast-1000px-COVERvia Tieland to Thailand

This young couple is one of the inspiring few who not only did something about it, removing themselves from the corporate rat race and selling almost everything they owned to escape an indebted lifestyle, but they now also make a living helping others do the same, through their platform, Tieland to Thailand.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 12.00.51 PMTieland to Thailand

There, they offer advice and reviews on a wide array of topics:

  • Destinations throughout the various regions of Thailand
  • Resorts they’ve stayed at and places they’ve explored
  • Their lifestyle as expats in Thailand, compared to back in the states
  • How they make a living there, and how they budget
  • Things you’ll need to know before becoming an expat and moving to Thailand yourself
  • Fantastic Thai foods

…and that’s just the start of it! If you’ve found yourself dreaming of throwing off the shackles of society and moving to another country, Chris & Angela’s site may be just the place for you to learn from. They have an absolute wealth of information to learn from their experiences the “Ins & Outs” of living an expat life in Thailand.

Angela Tieland to Thailand Chiang Maivia Facebook/TielandToThailand

They live in Chiang Mai (pictured above), in the northern mountainous region of Thailand, but they regularly travel all around the country (and elsewhere in Southeast Asia), documenting and photographing the highlights of their trips and experiences.

The Sites of Thailand:

Maya Bay of Koh Phi Phi Lehvia Facebook/TielandToThailand

You could almost feel like you’re living in Thailand yourself as you browse through the blog posts of their travels, like when they visited Maya Bay of Koh Phi Phi Leh (pictured above), better known as the place from the movie “The Beach”. But don’t let that stop you from living out your own dreams. Use their adventure as inspiration to embark on your very own adventure to Thailand or anywhere else in the world you dream of!

The Tastes of Thailand:

Smile-Koh-Mak-Thai-Cooking-School-2via Tieland To Thailand

Learn about the amazing tastes and sensations of Thai foods as they share their favorites from around the country!

The Adventures In Thailand:

Chris snorkelingvia Facebook/TielandToThailand

Planning a trip to Thailand, but having a difficult time deciding what all you want to do? Follow Chris & Angela’s adventures and experiences as they review and advise what is great, what’s not, what to expect, what’s recommended, and what’s not!


Living life abroad affords us many opportunities and a degree of flexibility that living and working in the US never did. Although when we think back to our lives in America and appreciate the things we used to take for granted, living abroad has also given us freedom to live life the way we want. – Chris & Angela Tieland To Thailand


It hasn’t been all roses for them, as there have been many challenges that come along with moving halfway around the world to an unfamiliar place, with totally different cultures, language barriers, and things just being different than expected. But they don’t leave any of that out, sharing stories, lessons, and advice learned from it all!

Tieland to Thailand Lifestyle section of websitevia Tieland To Thailand

Here you can see the various areas of advice, tips, and lessons they share about life in Thailand as an expat.

Life’s Short, Make Time To Take It All In:

Samujana in Koh Samuivia Facebook/TielandToThailand

Relax and Decompress in Koh Mak in Eastern Thailand:

Koh-Mak-Thailandvia Tieland to Thailand

Are you ready for your own adventure to Thailand now? If so, I highly recommend you “Take The Leap” and check out Chris & Angela’s site at Tieland To Thailand. They’re such an inspiration!