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See How She Turned This Old Train Car Into A Cute Caboose

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If you’re a tiny house enthusiast and have a taste for vintage, eclectic, or retro, you just might love how Marcia Weber turned this 1909 Soo Line red caboose into a home.

Marcia and her husband purchased it in 1975, from a Wall Street Journal ad that read “wooden cabooses for sale.” They fixed it up into a vacation home, and years later, after a divorce and job loss, Marcia made it her full-time home!

Her home and story were featured on the Tiny House Blog, where she goes into more detail about how she turned the train car into a 337 square foot living space, 36-year labor of love.

There may not be a whole lot of space on the inside of this tiny house, but Marcia says she added a deck to the back that functions essentially as an additional room during good weather. And, the caboose house sits on a 5 acre lot, amid mountains, ponds, and plenty of open space.

marcias-caboose-house-sitting-areavia Tiny House Blog

What a quaint entry and sitting area! I love seeing how people make the most of every little space in tiny homes, utilizing cool organizational features like under-bench storage.

train-car-turned-into-a-tiny-house-2via Tiny House Blog

A couple nice-sized windows allow warm, natural sunlight to come streaming into the sitting & dining area.

train-car-turned-into-a-tiny-house-3via Tiny House Blog

Along this wall, sits a handy little desk or craft area, and another seating bench.

a-train-car-turned-into-a-tiny-house-kitchen    via Tiny House Blog

Her kitchen may be small, but it is still complete with all the traditional appliances; a microwave, stove/oven, and dishwasher.

macias-caboose-train-car-tiny-house-bunksvia Tiny House Blog

…and a bunk bed area for sleeping.

Visit the Tiny House Blog to read more about and see more pictures inside Marcia’s Red Caboose home!