Pitch Us

Destination: Amazing! shares positive, inspiring, & uplifting stories with a large audience every single day, so we’re always looking for original stories that support our mission of sharing glimpses of the amazing world that awaits us. That’s where you come in. We’re currently accepting pitches from freelancers for stories that are:

  • Inspiring
    Whether the topic is about travel, improving one’s home, nature, or the best of humanity; if it’s inspiring, that’s what we want! 
  • Impactful
    If a million people saw your story, would it help to make the world a better place?
  • Visual
    Are there enough visual elements to engage readers who may be scanning through the story on a phone?
  • Shareable
    Would you share it? Would your friends share it? Most importantly, would your mom’s friends share the story?

Additional info about our freelance program:

The stories we post are usually short (500 words 0r less), with lots of visually engaging content, but we are open to unique ideas that will resonate with millions of people, and we love to test new ideas. For stories of this short length, we will pay a fair rate, and many times offer traffic/distribution bonuses. All of those nitty gritty details would be in your contract if we decide to work together.

Have any other questions?

Read our site and check out our Facebook page to see if you believe your stories would be a great fit for Destination: Amazing! And, if you’re a freelancer, message us from our Contact Page, telling us a bit more about you, what topics you prefer to cover, and anything else we should know about you.