His Transformation Video Will Be The Most Inspiring 5 Minutes Of Your Day

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There is no shortage of transformation stories & videos on the Internet, but this is the best one I’ve ever seen.

Arthur Boorman, a veteran of the Gulf War, was disabled for 15 years and his doctors told him that he’d never be able to walk on his own again.

As a result of being dependent on crutches and wheelchairs, he became sedentary and his weight eventually eclipsed 300 pounds! Physical trainers, not knowing how they could help him, were every turning him away.

But then Arthur tried something new – with an absolutely ‘nothing to lose’ mentality:


If you haven’t watched the video yet, click play now to watch Arthur’s story.

There are two key takeaways from his story:

1. Yoga Is A Powerful Practice

I think the majority imagine yoga as just some exercise of stretching and contorting in weird positions that hippies and trendy people do.

But the truth is, many people who are stuck in some facet of life, experience total transformations in their life Рphysical, mental, and spiritual Рwhen they just try yoga. And they often find a new side of themselves in the process that they never knew about.

Arthur certainly doesn’t look like the stereotypical person who practices yoga…his transformational story shows that with the right training & guidance, just about anybody can practice yoga.

2. We Severely Limit Ourselves

Imagine how many times Arthur was given the message that he had no hope to walk again, that he was a lost cause. It’s understandable why he almost gave up on himself.

But, it only took ONE person having belief in him – belief that he could radically change his life – to allow him to turn his life around.

The power of BELIEF – others believing in you, and YOU believing in yourself – is unbelievable. No matter where you’re at in life, believing in your dreams, abilities, skills, and your power to take action, can allow you to change your life more than you can imagine!