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These Fabulous Custom Timberframe Homes By ‘FabCab’ Are Astounding!

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It’s hard to find homes that perfectly combine that old-fashioned cabin feel & connection with nature, with the modern look & style of open & airy spaces that many people are looking for today.

But the folks at Washington based company, FabCab, have done a superb job doing just that with their “TimberCab” homes! …And, they have made it a very efficient home while they’re at it.

With the larger model size pictured below being around 1300-1500 square feet, it doesn’t quite fit into the “tiny home” category (usually 500 square feet or less). But, the company does offer 2 other model sizes below 1,000 square feet that would definitely be considered tiny homes.

What’s awesome about these homes, for some, is that it can all be done for you…They will construct it all in their factory and deliver all the materials to the site, where your local contractor can assemble the exterior shell and finish out the interior space.

Back View of TimberCab Housevia FabCab

TimberCab’s Construction

The shell of the house is all pre-made at FabCab’s factory and shipped to the site to be assembled. The exterior shell consists of Douglas Fir timber framing and structurally insulated panels (SIPs) form the solid walls and roof. Windows and doors fill the rest of the open spaces.

TimberCab Exterior Shell Constructionvia FabCab

The Kitchen & Living Room Space

There is a combination of so many great elements in this house; the spaciousness from the pitched ceilings with their tongue & groove boards, the cozy and soothing feel from the timber frame and beams, and lots of natural light from the immense windows!

TimberCab Kitchenvia FabCab

It’s amazing how much cabinet & countertop space they have fit into this kitchen, even with the overall square footage of the house being under 2000 square feet! Plenty of space for cooking & entertaining guests!

TimberCab Kitchen Viewvia FabCab

Connected to the kitchen area, in the same open floor plan, is the living room. Imagine the amazing views that could be had from that expanse of windows, if you placed this custom home on a beautiful hilltop!

Living looking toward windowsvia FabCab

A bank of seating along the windowed wall, near the fireplace, would be an incredible place for curling up with a book and cup of coffee and enjoying the view. Also, wide sliding doors open into the master bedroom from the living room space.

Living and Mastervia FabCab

The Master Suite

The master bedroom has no shortage of window space for incredible views either! Doors on the back wall lead to the master closet and the master bathroom.

TimberCab Master Bedroomvia FabCab

The Front View

Can you imagine seeing this everyday as you pull into the driveway of your home? Simply stunning!

Fab Cab Design - Orcas Island Homevia FabCab

Check out more details on the TimberCab line of homes made by FabCab by clicking here, including construction details, floor plans, more pictures, multiple model sizes to choose from, and contact info for scheduling a consultation or inquiring more on pricing.