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Big Benefits Can Come From Tiny House Living

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With an explosion of interest and popularity over the last few years, tiny house living is becoming more and more common around the country as people join the movement.

While the average size of a tiny house is only 500 square feet in size, many of them have better flow and usage of space than you’d imagine, proving that living tiny isn’t all sacrifice. In fact, many tiny house homeowners believe downsizing has led to simpler, more fulfilling lives.

There are about as many reasons for making the move to tiny house living as there are people in the movement. Here are just a few:

Living Tiny Means Easy Living

Enjoying life in a tiny home is about getting “back to the basics” so you can concern yourself with the things that matter in life, and not waste your time, energy, and money on things that don’t.

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Living Tiny Means Living Anywhere

With many tiny homes being built on wheels, they can pulled behind a vehicle and taken anywhere. Unlike traditional campers & trailer homes though, most tiny houses are built to look like real houses, with normal windows, siding, doors, and roofs…mobile homes that are appealing to the eye.

So, if you want a home, but don’t want to plant your roots in one place, or you want a comfortable way to see the country, a tiny home on wheels could be your answer!

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Living Tiny DOESN’T Have To Mean Cheap & Skimpy

People new to the “tiny house” concept often have the assumption living tiny means living in a tight, cramped, cheaply built trailer. However, in reality, man tiny homes, with the use of high quality materials and designs that maximize utilization of space and organization, rival the look, feel, and usefulness of homes that are often 5 times the size of the average 500 square feet tiny home.

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Living Tiny Means Less Environmental Impact

A smaller home size equals less materials needed to construct it, meaning less resources extracted from the environment to do so. Additionally, at around 500 square feet, the average tiny house will use much less energy to heat and cool than the average 2,600 square feet American home. If you’re a person who wants to do your part to help the environment, living tiny can be a part of your plan.


Living Tiny Means Lower Maintenance

The average sized home requires a lot of routine maintenance, and has many things that can need repaired or replaced periodically (HVAC, shingles, siding, windows, carpet, lots of light bulbs, etc.). Higher maintenance is a burden both on your wallet and your time.

Thus, many people are attracted to tiny house living because of how much less time and money is required for maintenance on a 500 square feet house. That allows for both more time to devote to more important things, and more money left over in the budget to spend on more important things.

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Living Tiny Means Enjoying More Of What Matters Most

Many tiny house dwellers believe the biggest benefit of “going tiny” is the process of getting back to the basics of life, through eliminating everything that isn’t essential. Purging “stuff” from your life that you don’t need or use often is so liberating. Having less things to weigh you down, take up space, and require cleaning and maintenance, frees up money and makes room for the more important things in life!

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Living Tiny: Not Just A House, It Is A Lifestyle

Those in the tiny house movement say that removing unnecessary “stuff” from their life has allowed them to focus less on material items, and the worry & strain on their budgets, and has helped them focus more on life experiences, relationships, being present, and connected with their environment.

…But it certainly does come with an adjustment. Transitioning from living in a standard sized home is just ‘what the doctor ordered’ for some, but challenging for others. It’s definitely a big change that is worthy of much time deliberating and deciding upon – not to be taken lightly – as it’s about more than just a house…it’s a total lifestyle change.

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Tiny Homes For Every Taste & Budget

Whether you’re looking for something modern & chic, or you’re more into natural & rustic, with enough searching on the web, you’ll be sure to find just the style you’re looking for. Likewise, whether you’re looking at tiny house living as a means to digging out of debt, or you’re a retiree with cash to spend on a high quality small home to live in – or any budget in between – you’ll find a home that fits the bill.

Overall, living tiny is a movement that accomplishes multiple facets:

  • A simplified life, with more focus on what truly matters
  • Streamlined, highly organized, more efficient spaces
  • Less maintenance and lower utility bills
  • Less clutter and “stuff” to consume your life with
  • Lower impact on the environment
  • More money in the budget for paying off debts, children’s education, retirement, charity, or just enjoying life
  • Becoming more self-sufficient
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If Tiny House Living is an adventure you are interested in pursuing, we highly encourage you to check out some of the following sites with helpful information on the subject: