25 Epic Memes Every Travel Bug Must See

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1. What a Wonderful World

It’s easy to get dragged down by challenges or routines of life, but never forget just how amazing this world is, with all its diversity, and unlimited variety of places to explore!

2. Gaining New Perspectives

What a great reminder to us travel bugs that the destination isn’t a certain point on the map, but an opportunity to see a new side of life, from a different perspective, someone else’s shoes…

3. Learn By Seeing & Doing

Who wants to learn from a classroom or textbook when you can experience it for real, out in the wild, anywhere in the world – adventure is an immersive learning experience.

4. Eyes On The Prize

What a great goal! …No matter what, no turning back, no matter how long it takes, you can see that beautiful destination on the horizon. Just keep going!

5. You’ve Only Got One Life To Live

Life is short. You don’t want to look back, in your dying days and have regrets for not doing things you wanted to do, going places you wanted to go, or living out your dreams.

6. Sail Away

Along the same lines as the previous image – have no regrets – get out of your comfort zone, your safe harbor, that you’re in now, throw off the bowlines and sail away toward adventure that your heart yearns for…live with no regrets!

7. Are You A Tourist Or A Traveler

I interpret this quote as a reminder to go on an adventure somewhere without preconceived ideas of what you’re going to experience and see. Go with an open agenda, being ready for whatever you encounter.

8. Let The Journey Unfold Before You

What an amazing traveler manifesto! Do you have a desire to go to the edge of the map and beyond? …To places where few have trod. Go see those places!

9. It’s All About Perspective

Traveling to places in the world that leave you simply breathless and awestruck is a great way of reminding yourself how amazing life truly is, and how little your life’s problems really are in the grand scheme of things.

10. Nobody Reads A 1 Page Book!

For us travelers-at-heart, seeing something like this can be a punch to the gut, a wakeup call, if we haven’t traveled as much as we like…you don’t want to read only one page of a book. Throw away excuses and dive in, keep reading this amazing saga called Life.

11. Go Where You’re Not

Reading this one just makes this emotion well up inside of me making me want to go, anywhere, just go…

12. Finding Yourself

You often hear travel is a way to “find yourself” – and I think it is – but here’s an interesting perspective. It’s more like finding the real you who you’ve been all along.

13. A Simple Mantra

Now those are 3 things I could live my life by!

14. Life IS The Adventure

Ahh, Peter Pan. We could always count on stirring up our imagination reading Peter Pan! Life is an awfully big adventure. Are you up for it!?

15. Intense Learning

Travel isn’t just for vacations, kicking back and relaxing. It’s THE best way to learn something first hand. Immerse yourself in learning something new in a part of the world you haven’t been!

16. Everyone Dies, But Not Everyone Truly Lives

It’s a sad commentary, but many people get caught up in the rat race or the routine of life, and forget to actually live, being fully present and experiencing all life has to offer.

17. Wanderlust

One of my favorite words. Do you have wanderlust? If so, that’s what our site is all about.

18. Name Your Next Destination

It’s wide open, nothing is stopping you. Go explore…

19. Make It Real

Don’t just dream about your travels and adventures…make it a real plan!

20. Just Go.

…and after you’ve made that plan, the next and only step is execution. Just. Go!

21.Time Is Ticking

There’s a lot to see, yet little time…we better get to it!

22. Everywhere

That’s a simple travel list – everywhere! I love it. Fun and inspirational.

23. Wise Old Words

There’s just no comparison between reading/seeing on the Internet/hearing about a place, and simply going and experiencing it for yourself.

24.Have a Good Look

John Muir was such an inspirational adventurer and explorer. He was truly at home in nature, chartering through virgin lands. I’d say he saw a lot “before dark”. Have you?

25. 3 Simple Words

Travel to find yourself…